David Suzuki

David Suzuki is a name known to most Canadians. He speaks with humour and with passion on the challenges we face. We all need to share his vision of the world we live in…

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getting started

Purpose of this blog

The primary purpose of this site is to provide basic information for anybody who is interested in better understanding our current climate crisis.
This site is not part of the “Tis so”… “TIS NOT” game that is going on in so many of the developed nations. Lots of blogs around for that.

I am not a scientist. I believe it realistic to say that I have an intelligent layman’s understanding of the planetary emergency we face.  I am  frequently amazed when I broach the subject of the climate situation to intelligent, competent, and (otherwise) well-informed people. The general level of  awareness seems amazingly low, given the critical importance of this subject.

The failure at COP15 last December  was not really surprising to the well-informed. I was not among them — I had honestly hoped for much more. COP15 greatly upset me. So I started doing research. I had thought I was quite well up on the science, but I learned a great deal from the material I have subsequently collected here.

So — as time permits, I am going develop this site as  a sort of central reference point, with links to videos and other blogs and websites. Select the page CD Course to expand your education in Climate Disruption.